Luxury Travel Mart

Moscow, Spring / Kiev / Almaty / Moscow, Autumn


Since its very first year, Luxury Travel Mart has become the most successful event in the luxury travel segment in Russia. This is a B2B event for companies that offer luxury products, who wish to establish new contacts and strengthen old ties on the Russian and CIS markets.

Companies that participate in the Luxury Travel Mart include five-star hotels and resorts, elite car companies, cruise and yacht charter companies, private jet charters, DMC and luxury operators. Most of the best-known brands in the luxury travel industry have participated and continue to participate in LTM each year.

This B2B event has been carefully thought out and planned in such a way that sellers and potential buyers of services – companies working with VIP clients, have the opportunity to establish partnerships within the space of a single day. The main aim of the of the organizers of the Luxury Travel Mart is to expand the geography of sales of the exhibition’s participants and also to introduce layers to new areas and services to which they previously did not have access.

Luxury Travel Mart does not aim to set records in terms of quantity (although with every year the numbers increase for all exhibitors and visitors), but prefers instead to set the highest standards of quality.

Luxury Travel Mart overview:

  • The most successful event in this niche in the CIS
  • Number of repeat exhibitors – over 90%
  • 246 exhibitors participated in LTM Moscow Spring 2015 and 154 in Moscow Autumn 2015, 48 at LTM Kiev 2015 (146 in 2013) and 104 at LTM Almaty 2015 (maximum capacity at all events)
  • Over 3800 guests visited LTM events in Moscow, Kiev, Almaty in 2015
  • Over 1200 guests visited LTM Spring in Moscow in 2015
  • 520 hosted buyers from the Russian regions and the CIS in 2015 at LTM events and 320 hosted buyers at LTM Spring in Moscow 2015 only
  • 98% of exhibitors considered LTM to be an extremely useful and successful events
  • LTM is the only event in the CIS with an extensive Hosted buyers program
  • All buyers are carefully pre-selected and visitors are by invitation only, which guarantees the highcaliber of the clientele and travel industry professionals

Luxury Travel Mart currently organises 4 events a year:

Luxury Travel Mart Moscow, Russia, Spring Edition
Dates for 2016: March 10-11 (two-days event)     
Venue: The Ritz-Carlton, Moscow 
Approximate number of guests: 320 hosted buyers at the first day, 300-350 at the morning session of the second day, over 1000 guests at the evening reception.

Luxury Travel Mart Kiev, Ukraine
Date for 2016: September 27  
Venue: InterContinental Kiev
Approximate number of guests: 200-220 at the morning session, 50 hosted buyers, 300-350 guests at the evening session.

Luxury Travel Mart Almaty, Kazakhstan
Date for 2016: September 30  
Venue: The Ritz-Carlton, Almaty
Approximate number of guests: 110-125 at the morning session, 50 hosted buyers, 200-230 guests at the evening session.

Luxury Travel Mart Moscow, Russia, Autumn Edition
Date for 2016: October 4  
Venue: The Ritz-Carlton, Moscow
Approximate number of guests: 300-350 at the morning session, 145 hosted buyers, 800-850 guests at the evening session.